2019 Huntsville Kidney Walk

Stoney...First morning after transplant
Stoney...First morning after transplant

Gray Family

My name is Stoney Gray. I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Disorder in 1985, age 41. On April of 2011, age 66; my enlarged left kidney was removed. Afterwards I spent 35 months on dialysis at Chase Dialysis Center.
I am most blessed to have a loving family. My brothers and sisters
had a meeting that I was not invited to. They decided that whoever was the best match would donate a kidney and the other four would support the donor and me through the process. Unfortunately on one was a match.
My wife Kathy drove me to dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until her family leave ran out. That’s when my family took over. On Tuesday my brother Bill would take me to dialysis, on Thursday my sister Lucy, my wife again on Saturday, for three or four months until I was able to drive.
Greg Ledford, my boss, of Ledford Landscape LLC, put me on retainer and paid me $800.00 a month for 35 months while I was on dialysis and through my 2014 transplant at Vanderbilt and recovery. I am so blessed to have such loving support.
But not everyone on dialysis has such a support system. Many have to choose between food, medicine, utilities or transport to dialysis. I lost a good friend whose husband was a trucker and she struggled to get to dialysis. She missed a lot and died while I was at Vanderbilt. It is tough to have to sit in that chair 4+ hours a day, three times a week, year after year, without having to chose between food, staying warm, medicines and paying HandiRide or Tram to travel to dialysis.

This is why I ask you to Please be generous and join me in helping those who cannot help themselves.

P.S. Please be an organ donator so others won’t have depend on dialysis to live. Others, and I have our lives back because a lady was kind enough to choose to leave her organs to others in need.

to make a much needed donation please go to http://alkf.convio.net/goto/grayfamily

Please Join us for our annual Huntsviile Kidney Walk

                                             on April 27,2019

                                             Randolph School's

                                             Drake Avenue Campus

                                             Huntsville,Al 35802

                         Registration begins at 8:30, walk begins at 9:30


































































































































































































































































































































Registration begins

8:30 registration 9:30 walk

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